Our Solutions for the Data Driven Enterprise

Responsive supply – demand collaboration

Inventory visibility and control

Workflow and Exception Management

VMI and Hub/Spoke Management

Cross Partner Collaboration

PO based demand management

Get Visibility and Control of your Supply Chain

Industrial IoT (IIoT) / Roadmap creation post digital maturity Assessment

Working Capital Transformation

Manufacturing Operations Intelligence

Digitizing the supply chain and operations

Digitized Manufacturing Operations

Supply Chain Risk Evaluation and Monitoring

Resiliency Planning and Execution (Business Continuity Plan - BCP)

Continuous Vigil, Planned Execution

Customer delight- Adaptability to customer demands

Cost avoidance- Savings and cost reductions

Lower Lead time - Quick returns, faster processing

Revenue generation- Value recovery from returns

Providing continuous service at lowest cost investments

Define key business value metrics

Select measurement criteria's

Finalize Data sourcing and mapping

Establish dashboard and monitoring

Predictive / prescriptive analytics

Leveraging past performance to guide future planning


Actionable Insights that goes beyond Benchmarks

Functional Services

Process Re-engineering

Lean/Six-Sigma Implementation

Technology Integration

Technology assessment and Benchmarking

Program Management

Transformation Programs